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Lab Testing Solutions is a nationwide provider for drug testing services, including probation drug testing. If you are on probation, it is more than likely that you are required to do probation drug testing. This is common with Federal, County and Drug Courts, and Lab Testing Solutions makes it easy to order anywhere in the country.

Probation Officers can log in to get results copies directly from Lab Testing Solutions servers, therefore ensuring the integrity of data.

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💳Have a credit/debit card ready. Sites do not accept payment

🆔Use last 4 of SSN or Drivers License

📧You'll get an email (or text if chosen) with a BARCODE

LTS is not affiliated with Probation Offices⚠️

Collection sites are tied to Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and Abbott🤝

Schedule appointments in advance🗓️

Keep restroom doors open during collections🚪

No extra payment at collection sites💵

Barcodes are valid nationwide🔢

Tests are SAHMSA-certified & lab-based🔬

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